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Tomorrow's Champions

Tomorrow's Champions Welcomes You

Welcome to Tomorrow's Champions website! We are dedicated to serving those around us through the avenue of sports. Many kids don't get the opportunity to play sports even though they would like to due to lack of resources.

Our vision is to find these kids and let them play! Sports teach so many life lessons that we can't afford not to learn.

Join us in encouraging today's youth to become tomorrow's champions.

Tomorrow's Champions Needs You

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What's Happening Now

Tomorrow’s Champions Partners with Prissy Tomboy Athletics

Prissy Tomboy is hosting an Adventure Challenge that Tomorrow's Champions Director, Alysha Rudnik, is speaking at.

Tomorrow’s Champions is excited to announce our partnership with Prissy Tomboy Athletics! 

As part of our mission to reach girls in the community who don’t have the resources or who may just not know how great the benefits are of playing a team sport like softball, we connect with other organizations that have similar passions. By connecting with other organizations, T.C. has the opportunity to learn better ways to serve our girls as well as widen our reach by working with others towards a common goal. Prissy Tomboy Athletics shares a common goal of ours to see girls in the community become more active and involved in sports. Whether it’s individual sports, team sports, or just having an active hobby, Prissy Tomboy creates an avenue for girls to tryout different sports with the hope that each girl will find one she loves and begin to invest her time and talent into it. It was this idea of empower girls to find their passion that sparked T.C.'s interest in Prissy Tomboy's organization.


With that, Prissy Tomboy is hosting an event Saturday, October the 25th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Georgia Tech called the Adventure Challenge. Tech has an obstacle course on campus designed to link leadership theory with leadership practice through physical activity. The course offers tasks and assignments the girls must complete by working together and overcoming challenges. The day will also include guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields sharing valuable life lessons with the girls on topics like nutrition, health, yoga, softball, golf, and psychology. All of these resources are here to educate the girls as well as inspire them to be healthy, and confident young women.


I, Alysha Rudnik, am honored to be a guest speaker at this event and share on the topic of Teamwork. My experience as a D1 softball player and as a girl who has played team sports since she was 6 years old has impacted me so much. For the first time in my life since I was 6 I am no longer on a sport’s team. It has been a tough transition, but now that I am in the working world I see all the value and lessons I have learned through being a part of a team. Even on a relational side, most of my dearest friends were teammates of mine at one point.


It is a privilege to speak at this event and represent Tomorrow’s Champions. Our hope is that girls will be inspired and encouraged to play sports, whether it’s softball or not! Sports teach young ladies so many intangible lessons that are crucial for their growth into becoming leaders of the their generation.
                                                                                                                                                           By Alysha Rudnik

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